Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Art of Dominic Marco

"Dominic Marco is a classically trained artist/illustrator best known for his whimsical and sexy style of Pin-Up art which has been featured in a variety of television advertisements, magazines, and websites.

Prior to flying solo as an self-employed artist, Dominic has worked as an animator, designer, storyboard artist and all-around-computer guru for various companies in both Canada and the UK.

Dominic currently resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia with wonderfully supportive family and somewhat supportive beagle."
Dominic Marco

I ran across this guy's art, and I must say it is quite amazing.

Here is a link to his official site, and the link to his deviantart account.

He is also using Tiltviewer to showcase his portfolio. A free Flash and JavaScript-based photogallery.

images copyright Dominic Marco

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