Tuesday, February 2, 2010

B-Movie CG Challenge

CGSociety Challenge XXV - B-Movie
A creative challenge to bring life back into or create a classic B-Movie
17 January 2010 - 19 April 2010

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Since the dawn of movies there was always a creepier, scarier, and unintentionally funnier cousin to the big budget blockbusters... the B-Grade Movie.

Cinema screens around the world flickered with startling images of wolfmen, zombies, nuclear-mutated monsters, and bug-eyed aliens with a penchant for probing. The 25th CGChallenge: "Attack of the 50ft CGChallenge" asks you, the artist, to bring these gems back to life, or create your own in their spirit, via a still image, video, or, for the first time, audio.

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